Sustainability Programs

From the products we make to how we manufacture them – we weigh potential environmental impact in each decision we make.

We’re encouraged with our sustainable initiatives to date, but know achieving a sustainable future is an ongoing effort.

A tall cardboard box in grocery store with small deposit hole, TagBack logo, and instructions: “Return Tags & Ties Here”
A variety of Bedford products, including ElastiTag hang tags, product tie, twist tie, bag clip, and coffee tie.

You can give our products a second life.

In 2019 we introduced the TagBack® program. For the first time, brands and consumers were given the ability to return any Bedford tie, tag, or clip to us. To date, 171,000 pounds (and counting!) of materials have been diverted from the landfill and upcycled into other usable products.

“Knowing the ElastiTags are upcycled to create new products and reduce the impact on the environment aligns with one of TNDC’s core values of sustainability and reducing waste.”


The Natural Dog Company


A colorful illustration of Bedford packaging solutions organized by percentage of plastic each reduces, the highest being 91%

Containing 100% USDA Certified Biobased Content, Bio-Clip is industrially compostable.

The TagBack program gives our ties & tags a second life.


Manufacturing Lines

Our closed-loop manufacturing process stretches our materials to their highest potential. By making our “outputs” into “inputs,” we’re able to create quality products while reducing waste.

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