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Enjoy increased efficiency by pairing our closures or hangtags with compatible semi-automatic and automatic machinery.

From our tying machines, CloseIt® clipping machines, and adhesive-backed tin tie appliers, our packaging equipment and machinery bring you a fast, convenient application that saves you time and resources.

Bedford ring tier machine applying twist tie to orange extension cord.

Whether we’ve built the machinery or partnered with another trusted vendor, you’ll receive the support you deserve.

Equipment comes with installation assistance, parts, technical service, and more.


white twist tie machine on black stand.

Ring Tyer™

Quickly apply tie to secure your hoses, electrical cords, cables, flowers, or other bundled items. Durable and easy to use, this bundle tying machine applies Bedford Twist Tie® up to 45 cycles per minute. Three ring sizes available.

Mini Tyer™

Apply up to 60 Bedford Twist Ties per minute to your lightweight poly or open mesh bags. This durable table top tying machine offers easy operation and a modern look with multiple color options. Compatible with the same size spool that runs in fully automatic twist tie machines.

semi automatic tie applier machine

Super Tyer™

The Super Tyer lives up to its name, with the ability to apply up to 30 ties per minute to larger bagged items. This semi-automatic bag tie machine is air operated and easy and safe to use. Take this portable table top unit and tie on the go!

Red Bedford Tag Tyer produce packaging equipment

Tag Tyer™

Semi-automatically apply your fresh produce identification tags directly in the field or packing shed with our new tag tying machine. This breakthrough in produce packaging automation applies TagTies™, which are similar to our Bib Ties® but come as separate spools of material. We offer customizable options.

ClipBand™ Applier

The ClipBand Applier makes application a breeze. Easily apply up to 30 closures per minute with this semi-automatic machine. The electrical equipment features a large display with ClipBand counter and is available with several printer options.

ClipTag® Applier

ClipTag is a reclosable feature with a mini branded billboard. Let this semi-automatic machine do the cutting and bending for you! The electric ClipTag Applier features a large display with application capacity of up to 30 closures per minute.

Bedford Peel and Stick Applier tin tie applicator.

Peel & Stick® Applier

Adhere up to 30 Peel & Stick ties per minute to your paper, plastic, or PET bags with this semi-automatic machine. Foot activation, adjustable settings and no hot melt adhesive are just a few perks to this smooth applicator!

Roll N Close® Applier

The semi-automatic Roll N Close Applier adds up to 30 vertical reclosures to unfilled plastic, paper, or PET bags per minute. Simply load Bedford spooled tie material that already has pressure sensitive adhesive and adjust the settings.



Bedford H1 high speed bag closure machine

H1 Closer

Close horizontal packaging up to 110 bags per minute with the high speed bag closer machine. Our CloseIt Clip reel has higher clip visibility for operators, technical support, and a full listing of spare parts completes this automatic applier.

Bedford V1 bag closure machine

V1 Closer

The ideal bag closing machine for your vertical packaging. The V1 Closer is capable of applying CloseIt Flags or Clips on up to 80 bags per minute directly in your packaging facility or bakery!

Bedford M1 Bag closure machine

M1 Closer

The ideal bag closing machine for your vertical packaging. The V1 Closer is capable of applying CloseIt Flags or Clips on up to 80 bags per minute directly in your packaging facility or bakery!



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