ElastiTag® Products


Who said being an attention seeker was a bad thing? Certainly not us! Be bold with your marketing strategy by adding a creative ElastiTag and grab consumer’s attention while they peruse the store aisles.

The ElastiTag is proof you don’t need bulky packaging materials to get noticed. Whether you want it simple or flashy, an ElastiTag can help your brand launch a new product, attach a sample, or bundle products together.

This ultimate hangtag stays in place on even the oddest shapes, making it the most versatile on-pack marketer! Are you looking to get really creative? Try a custom-shaped marquee, include some sparkle, or add a Rub n’ Smell coating.

What could the extra attention mean for your brand?

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Red hang tag around bottleneck of illustrated pump-style bottle.


Small, trial-sized bottle attached to larger illustrated spirits-type bottle by red elastomer


A creative promotional option for carrying sample products or trial offers. With innovative combinations of elastomer loops, tags with perforations, folds, adhesives, slits, and shapes of all kinds—the possibilities are endless!

Red elastomer tab with adhesive around diameter of illustrated can


A versatile option for carrying sachets, packets, or other lightweight items. The combination of a tab with pressure sensitive adhesive, and a stretchy elastomer loop—gives you an easy-to-apply device for lightweight on-pack sampling!

Thick red band securing two shampoo-style bottles together


Looking to bundle your products together or want to reduce the amount of packaging? This innovative combination of substrate and elastomer adapts to even the oddest shapes or sizes. Stick to our standard lengths and widths, or get creative with a custom, unique shape.

Red sun-shaped tag attached to a square box with elastomer band


Go crazy with cool, intricate tag shapes! Our elastomer loop is still a benefit you’ll love, but with more flexibility on where you apply this eye-catching tag to your product.

Visit the ElastiTag website to start dreaming up your next project.