Coffee Bag Closures

There’s nothing better than waking up to a fresh pot of coffee, and consumers trust that’s what they’ll get when seeing a Double Wire Tin Tie® or Peel & Stick® tie on their coffee bag.

Spooled or pressure-sensitive adhesive makes manual, semi-automatic, or automatic application to your flexible bag a breeze. Cheers to that!

Silver coffee bag with teal and silver patterned tin tie on coffee bag.
A brown double wire tin tie on a Caribou coffee bag

With customizable options, you can get even more value out of your coffee bag closure and stand out on the shelf. We can even convert your bag film to match your bag for a solution specific to your brand.

Choose a Bedford coffee bag closure and join the world’s leading coffee brands that give their customers a reclosable feature they’ll use effortlessly time and time again. logo


Illustrated red Double Wire Tin Tie on clear coffee-style bag.

Double Wire Tin-Tie®

Consumers trust this popular coffee bag closure to easily secure freshness between each use! Standard and custom spool lengths in plastic, plastic/paper, metallic film, or custom print. Interested in high-speed automation? Ask us for a referral!

Red double wire tie illustrating adhesive back.

Peel & Stick®

Double wire twist ties that fold down on bag

Roll N Close®

Red circular tag in center of coffee bag-style package attached by elastomer loop.


Enhance your brand identity, launch a new product, offer a coupon, cross merchandise—ElastiTag brings limitless Point-of-Sale possibilities directly to your retail coffee bag!

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Signature Quality

Our ties’ signature railroad pattern is a mark of quality trusted to keep coffee fresh up until the final brew. When consumers see it on your coffee bag, they know they’ll be picking up a quality product, both inside and out.

Clean Edge Technlogy®

Non-sticky edges make applying a reclosable feature to your coffee bag easier and cleaner. Our Peel & Stick ties use our Clean Edge Technology, a pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides a strong hold without the mess of hot melt.

Machinery Partner

Pair your closure choice with our time-saving automation solutions. Our semi-automatic machines can adhere a reclosable feature to your flexible coffee bag or go fully automatic with our machine partners!


Double Wire Tin-Tie®

Roll N Close®

Double Wire Tin-Tie®


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