CloseIt® Products


Think something small can’t make a big impact? Think again. We’ve intentionally designed our CloseIt Clips, Tags, and Flags to help brands achieve both function and flair in retail displays.

Advanced printing technology and customizable shapes will give your bag closure a design that captures the uniqueness of your brand and ability to communicate with consumers time and time again!

Whether you have vertical or horizontal packaging, we have high-speed machinery options that make application a breeze. We also have a portable option for quick installation of CloseIt Clips or Flags from wherever is convenient.

Already have a clipping machine? You’re ready to roll! Bedford’s CloseIt Clips and Flags are compatible with most existing machinery.


A compostable bag closure securing a bag of apples.

CloseIt® Bio-Clip

A red bag clip illustrating securing a plastic bag.

CloseIt® Clip

A red circle-shaped tag illustrating securing a plastic bag.

CloseIt® Tag

A red clip and attached flag on a potato-style bag

CloseIt® Flag

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